Wes! ...and they said it wouldn't work... 991203
R.A.I.N. taking something that once had value and grabbing it by the balls, carstrating it to make it sound appealing to the rest of society and making lots of money after cutting down the bases of the original idea.
i hate commercialism.

it is a big game of simon says.
sheep are stupid animals.
if the dollar sign could fly,
how much would you pay for wings?
Money I am an entrepreneur. I seek to benifit myself. In economics, we call this "Profit Motive". I am enslaved by selfishness, but so are you. If you wern't why not buy my product simply to please me? Why? Becuase you don't know me. You have nothing to gain by pleasing me, and will not part with your precious dollar for nothing. Mankind loves only himself. How can I maximize profit? Sell myself. 011116
Sonya Famous musicians who sell their music (supposedly their fine works of art) to generic car companies for stupid SUV commercials are not musicians at all. They are just weaklings who surrendered to commercialism and subsequently alienated their fans. Musicians, your actions speak a lot louder than the words and music you throw out to the public. Saying one thing and doing another usually annoys people. When you sell out and hand over your supposed musical art to a greedy company, we lose our respect for you. Commercialism is a sick virus that just invades virtually every aspect of society these days. Few people have the will power to even consider combatting it. 011117
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