silentbob i used to eat a lot of chicken noodle, beef with barely, and bean campbell's soup. now i just eat beef. i lost my appreciation for chicken and took responsibility of the smell pollution by stopping eating beans.
some chick is singing For No One.
unhinged i know a guy frank campbell

he is the coolest fucking dude ever...i don't even have the mental capacity to blathe right now about frank campbell...i will have to do that another day...
silentbob i dont even have the mental capacity to blathe about my friend josh jaren. hes just such a rad rad character. thought provoking, stimulating, charming, all those things. He's cool shit. 001215
unhinged he is the only one that can start mosh pits at ivet shows...he's so tall and lanky he looks like a young sapling shaking in the wind. it's probable that frank campbell is always under the influence of one illegal substance or another at a time but he's a very kind person. have me his last piece of greek gum that kinda tasted like violin rosin...offered me some of his guiness and to buy me a shot...damn x's. "it's a good thing we don't live anywhere near each other or i would make you rub sand on my nipples and my feet all day long." his girlfriend is such a sweetheart. frank campbell knows how to have fun and make a person smile. he's one of the best franks i know. 001224
rachael i find it very exciting that you are using the term "mental capacity"...i say that all the time, its really fabulous...very dramatic if you think about it, now WHO wants to say anything about the word campbell's?...except for that really bad commercial they used to have with the kid camping in his back yard and his mommny bringing him campbell's tomato soup with his grilled cheese..aww man, what are ya gonna do 020316
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