kate the /aut/ bar is a place i haven't been since i was 15 years old. in the last week, i've been four times or so. it's very weird. it's the bar scene, which i don't know given my young age. it's crazy gay people everywhere, which is so just plain nice to see, but also interesting in how i react to it. it must be different than straight people in straight bars.. you know.. it's like this unknown world, where gay is the norm, but it's still something interesting to be. i don't know if i could explain it.

is it wrong for one of the many qualities you like about someone to be the people they know? i still talk to her and have fun with her and it's really about us being there, but i dig the new environment and the link to a world i should be involved in. it's like an added bonus.

anyway, i am not a party like kid, but when the fast lane comes for me, i jump on and live life to the max. four out of seven, plus one night before that not at a bar but a house party with the same theme. i could get used to this, maybe. I get to practice being that person I don't think I am, but know that I am becoming.
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