birdmad joy_division

Recorded in March 1980 at Britannia Row Studios, Islington, London
This version was released on Closer and on Heart_and_Soul

Asylums with doors open wide
Where people could pay to see inside
For entertainment
they watch his body twist
Behind his eyes he says: I still exist
This is the way - step inside --

In arenas he kills for a prize
Wins a minute to add to his life
But the sickness is drowned
by cries for more
Pray to God, make it quick -
watch him fall
This is the way -
step inside --

This is the way --
This is the way -
step inside --

You'll see the horrors
of a faraway place
Meet the architects of law
face to face
See mass murder
on a scale you've never seen
And all the ones
who try hard to succeed
This is the way -
step inside --

And I picked on the whims
of a thousand or more
Still pursuing the path
that's been buried for years
All the dead wood from jungles
and cities on fire
Can't replace or relate -
can't release or repair
Take my hand and I'll show you
what was and will be
IKC 56-80 another rabid JD fan besides me?!!

Birdman, that kicks so much ass it almost isn't funny

Umm, i've seen sabbie correct herself in blaths directed at you, you don't mind me calling you birdman do you?
emmi hey! i go to sainsburys in islington every week.

and i know it has nothing to do with anything.
what's it to you?
who go