I have a threatening impulse to do more than I have already been able to do.
It's threatening because it might interfere with what could otherwise be a very satisfying life.
Tank i aspire to change the world, bring about peace, dispose of racial hatred... but then i think that if i am aspiring to do this, i am not, so i think less of aspirations and focus on how my movements in tangible and cyber time have done all that i aspire to do... 000706
MollyGoLightly i drive one of these.

it is also called an Ass Pirate.
grendel to a worth i will likely never attain 010202
Norm Aspire for perfection. Firstly, realize that perfection is an abstract concept, like love or heaven, and has no absolute definition. Once you've accomplished that, take advantage, concentrate and study closely the things you believe in, for you're faith in these things will be the determining factor in whether you will ever come close to accomplishing your final goal. I say "come close" because lastly you must realize that no man on this earth is truly perfect. There is no final moment of transendance where you morph from a mortal human into some omnipotent divine being. 030218
time_warp you never know what death will bring,
but it might just be the endgame.
continually update yourself
and, while perfect may be only abstract,
best_possible is within reach.
megan poet i will be
i swear
if this big old world lets me

i wish to open my mouth and allow everything to just spill out!!! maybe then he would understand just how damn much i need him.
what's it to you?
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