monadh my love you do me wrong
to cast me off so discourteously
when I have loved you so long
delighting in your company
(Greensleeves..I love that song)
~gez~ i was just about to say "i didnt know it had words" , but i did. so that woudve been a lie
what was the point in me saying that?
Q Alas, look no further but to your mirror.
See you've angelic form, indeed!
And that with truly three dimensions, truly.

Too, dance now as you're wont.
Your twirling spin is joy to see.
No inner limits, you, free as free can be.
flowerbed on a cloud alas...such a pretty word, don't you agree...? It has so many promises.

No maybe no positive ones, but still, I endear the word ^^
dessertspoons there's a pirate tea house in the middle of the Nevada desert ... they set up at the end of August.

it's a week in an ideal world... no money involved, (you don't have money in heaven only in hell - to get out of hell you need to pay to get into heaven)

everything for swaps.
it would be a taste of a dream...
and it is there to be had for real ....
so therefore i am going to the Nevarda desert

this August and not next August...
i'd better get some tickets then !

it's a secret what my tea house is gunna be called !
what's it to you?
who go