alex311swim the best band in the world. they rock my world and they will rock yours. their music is like no other and very unique... 010204
mpayton it is also a prime number.

see also: numbers.
Matt is what to listen to when you're bummed 011004
birdmad i normally don't like them, but i do like "i'll be here awhile" 011004
violettefay they're playing in Burlington, VT right now, and if I wansn't home for Columbus day, that's where I'd be.... 011005
Inanna "has grassroots" 011005
daxle for your money 011007
kelli crane i agree, 311 is the most unique band, and they rock. I absolutly love them. 020115
yoink I know loving me isn't easy
I'm home and next thing I'm leaving
but when I look at you it's like praying with my eyes
I follow you to sleep so I will find
your dream place and hey, I'm not an angel
but girl you make me feel like I know one.
trin it was one of the best nights of my life
when i rocked out at 311 with my best bud.
i'm still trapped by the euphoria.
feeling him behind me.
holding onto my shoulder.
smiling at me when i looked at him.
crowd surfing for the first time.
laying in my truck waiting for the crowd to clear out.
listening to the cure.
and eating strawberry popsicles.
jane new york information 050201
what's it to you?
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