fyn gula I saw "Elaine" written in a concrete sidewalk of a low income apartment and i thought that it was a woman's name, not a little girl's.
i wondered if, in a moment of passionate mischieviosness she quickly scrawled it, celebrating some personal landmark, or now grown she looks back on the dare her brother gave her, wistful memory of a poverty she never knew existed.
) My name is scrawled in the cement across from the only mall in Iceland. 010426
dB I once wrote "Dream Away" in concrete on a footpath by a bus stop.
Don't know why.
It's still there though.

unhinged every morning i walk across the 422 bridge and i see the writing in the concrete. R.I.P. motherfuckers mark. i always wonder who got shot on the bridge. who mark is. the motherfuckers part is understandable. it's y_town. everyone living here wants to blow it to pieces. i just can't understand my affection for this place. lost innocence, virginity, trust, love, truth. the smog and rain clouds taking it from me every day. but today it was blue. and my heart screamed through my disease. YOU ARE ALIVE. look at the snow blossom avenue. the flowers think you are a bee calling you. and the lilac smell fades away.... 010426
yoink we tried to make a smiley face, but one eye was larger than the other. typical. 010426
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