factory reject burying my head into my pillow at night
and lying wrapped in your t-shirt
sevaw2 eye am eye 070110
sevaw2 u thought that u could be found and eye/i
found you because you dont want to be found as you want to be found
sevaw2@hotmail.com = +/- = =/= +/+ = -/- = = = ........
comprehension / perception
creates =
sarah = s
eva = the middle
weaver = w
makes sevaw
Its my birth name Sarah Eva Weaver
I was raised very liberally and comprehend how to believe with my heart and i have never known religion
i only know my heart
and i just like the number 2 i have had an affinity towards the number 2 and yet i communicate with you be cause my comprehension does not entertain fear so u comunicate with me because i do not fear u and eye have seen u and u eye are not scary eye behold beauty eye behold evil which eye u eye
eye which tells
tells which eye
awe we love a game with a cat and a mouse
im hear to say that evil be which evil need not bee
eye understands
sevaw2 eye communicate with trees, bugs, animals, plants, (I)(eye)Sarah communicate with that which eye (sarah) does not see but eye (sarah) we r 1 together becase no im not saying because i say becase be-case eye is eye what eye cannot c see see eye can see eye with closed eyes
this is not a riddle to eye who understands eye is everything u are everything eye can see without my eyes
I (sarah) see air
I feel air
eye knows I(sarah )am here for eye with no fear
eye is looking for eye with no fera (fear)
and eye with all fear as i was in the past
sevaw u are in my eye in my arms
I (sarah) am love for you eye
sevav2 I(sarah) hold you tight to set you free and set you free to hold you tight
enlightenment because you thought that eventually a somthing communicate to eye/u/me
sab every fucking second
of every fucking day
what's it to you?
who go