lovers lament i see your life
it passes from your lips
frosted breath
and on a night such as this
who could really miss it?

i want to reach out
and spark you with the fire
from my fingertips
transfer my desire
into something tangible

want to feel your flesh
melting into mine
our bodies giving way
to the rhythm of time
ethereal faces
luminate emotion
our bodies giving way
to the rhythm of commotion

(i'll finish this tomorrow, i'm going to sleep now.)
copyr. 2000
lovers lament your frosted breath
is caressing my cheek
untying my soul
neatly, as we speak
and i won't leave you

you sit on your throne
engraved with my silver pain
i watch your heart
blood screaming through my veins
and i feel sane now.

this be the second verse
copyr. 2000
unhinged you know what i think?

i think that you are lucky
lovers lament and why do you think that? 001203
unhinged no one has ever made me feel sane

just insane

i hate being this way

that is why you are know i didn't mean it like that. i think it is a beautiful poem/song
User24 who wants sanity anyway, the greatest way to observe and discover something is to stand outside it, and see all it's faces, unbiased. 031104
square peg and what did you discover the many faces of eve? 040326
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