re_alisma question: are therapists' rates set in stone, as a matter of course, or, as a matter of course, are there allowances or sliding scales, if you ask?

I know I can't afford the rate I was quoted, and I have fears of therapists that are not suited to me, but I'm willing to put the time and effort in, if the rate is okay. Or, I could manage once every six weeks, but that might not be helpful? Anybody with insight, (pro-therapy or anti-therapy)?
Ouroboros (is a therapist in training) Depends- many therapists have a sliding scale, or have a limited number of lower fee slots. Usually it's something that can be talked about over the phone or during a first session. Some therapists are firm about full price, but most have flexibility, and want to be able to make therapy affordable for someone who wants to partake. Therapists who are not licensed at all (but have the degree and experience), or who are interns (soon to be licensed) will generally have lower fees than someone who is fully licensed, and has been practicing for many years. Clinics and centers and grad schools will have very low cost therapy, with folks who are still in school or just graduated- so therapists with lots of training and less experience. Ask around, don't be shy, and be prepared to talk about your finances (I can afford this much a month right now, etc.) Most therapists will (push) to meet once a week- but if you find someone good who you connect with, they could be open to meeting occasionally, in order to support you in the long run. 110727
re_alisma Thank you so much Ouroboros! That's exactly the info I needed. 110727
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