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* The String Between Stupid and Q_As

Human's intuition or memory may be wrong...

Ask more stupid questions, the profound answers & more & more questions, and probably some profound questions evolve...

One classic example of the stupid question:


Searched the web for Why did the chicken cross the road. Results 1 - 10 of about 91,100. Search took 0.15 seconds.

* Stupid People

Who are the stupid people?

Galileo: The string between Scientist and Church,

Edison, Thomas Alva: The string between Inventor & Egg,

Newton, Sir Isaac: The string between Physicist & Apple and

Searched the web for who are the stupid people. Results 1 - 10 of about 1,180,000. Search took 0.40 seconds.

Searched the web for who is the stupid person. Results 1 - 10 of about 832,000. Search took 0.41 seconds.

The moral of the story:-

Life is fun and stupid question is a flavor or Virgin of Life...
And it is always good and probably right to ask stupid questions, the more the better for the sake of adding more colors to the memory of the Universes

Can't imagine if Everybody specifically Scientists / Physicists stop asking the stupid question(s) and thinking about the stupid answer(s)...

Some stupid questions:-

sq1) What is the connection between Temperature & Emotion?

sq2) Which of the following is true:-

a) Temperature is proportional to the state of angriness
b) Temperature is proportional to the state of happiness
c) None of the above
d) All of the above.

sq3) What is the temperature of Heaven and Hell?

Tell me the answers
And I will tell you how wonder you are...

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kx21 sq4) What is the temperature of Mind & Soul? 010823
kx21 sq5) Is there a meaninful connection betwwen the temperature of Mind / Soul, and temperature of Heaven / hell? 010823
bijou sQ1. angry=hot
verify with mood_ring?

sq2. warmth can makeyou happy. warmth = security? mother? homeostasis?
anger can make you hot. blood.

sQa3, 4, and 5.
mind and soul exist in a place void of temperature if they exist. heaven and hell exist in the same place as mind and soul. so the temperature of heaven and hell = the temperature of mind and soul? the temperature of heaven is homeostasis. the temperature of hell is death, ice or fire.

kx21 Thanks for your invaluable inputs...

sq6) What is the temperature of Harmony?
what's it to you?
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