kx21 When I, my Master was contemplating the inconceivability of the UNIVERSE, U:-

I discovered that there are uncountable STARS / SHITs in U. I slowly found the following Wisdom on the_STAR_vs_the_SHIT:-

My STAR is your SHIT,
MY STAR is not your SHIT,
My SHIT is your STAR, and
MY SHIT is not your STAR...

And thus, I created an e_SPACE,
the_STAR_vs_the_SHIT, especially for you to find, explore and log the connection(s) between the STAR and the SHIT, in the eyes of U and You...

Copyright 2001.
god but no one wins. the star never beats the shit or vice versa. the game never ends. it's all a perfect balance. 010117
kx21 Do they have anything in COMMON (e.g. belief, behavior, etc)? 010118
kx21 somehow realated to why_i_like_to_shit.. 010118
kx21 And may be applicable to CHOAS... 010118
kx21 OOps.. CHAOS... 010118
the tortoise and the hare krishna as PLANET is to STAR, URANUS is to SHIT 010118
kx21 And connected to LOVE... 010118
kx21 Assume that the Creator of the Universe, or GOD in the Layman's terms, created the Universe from NOTHING by using its Limitless Power ( of Creativity ).

Two Common Attributes (CAs) of SHIT and STAR, probably in You and me; are as follows:-


i.e. The GENE of NOTHING inherited from NOTHING / subsequent Ancestors(s); and


The Power of Creativity inherited from GOD / subsequent Ancestors(s).

Copyright 2001.
kx21 And because of CA1 & CA2,

STAR is somewhere similar to SHIT; and
vice versa
SHIT is somehow different from STAR.

STARs and SHITs evlove over time. And thus their similarities and differences develop, change, probably the average distance between SHITs & STARs increases over time.

And thus the Universe is becoming more chaotic, fuzzier and unpreditable over time... to the extent that the Most Unique CA3 can be found in Many STARS and SHITs:-

CA3: SHIT on GOD, the Creator of the UNIVERSE.
Thyartshallshant kx21, whats with you and the capital letters? And being so damn philosophical? Theres nothing wrong with it, just a little odd, thats all. 010120
kx21 It should be

The most Unique CA3 can be found in many, probably ALL STARS and SHITs:-

CA3: Shit on GOD, the Creator of the UNIVERSE.

SHIT(s) want to be STAR(s),
STAR(s) want to be SUPER STAR(s), and
SUPER STAR(s) want to be GOD, the most Powerful SUPER Natural STAR in the UNIVERSE.
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