hsg Would our next ship be built on beams of inform ation?
Is our

What we see before us as objects are highly repetitive_patterns of molecular_energy. If we mined a smaller scale with our attention we would watch the orbits of all the little parts and it would seem like an eternity as we watched an object form. This forming object appears to us in our normal state_of_consciousness as solid, still and its function consistent with its shape. I see this as essentially a type of math lesson already learned on a level of collective_unconsciousness.

To step out farther what we see as individual choices and our normal SOC 's perception of time can be seen set into a pattern. This pattern is essentially more densely consolidated_information. The shape of both these thoughts is likened to a pearl_necklace. Our awareness makes a choice which then solidifies into a pearl. Pearls become a karmic_necklace. As the radius increases, time_solidifies. Playing attention_to_detail is time_travel. A millionth of a moment of pure attention is soul it takes to redirect all karma. Our highest_self is a math_theme_addict so that in our in_fun_it free_dumb we would all_ways aBlE to find our way back Home.

We live out our dreams according to our attention_span.

According to the depth of our openness we can learn to adjust the shape and function of our pearl_necklace. Some people are alterers of jewelry and theirs is the finest of hearts.

w e ac h ave t o ne day
realize our true intent is
become fully
a thread of aware_light
illuminates the n tired pearl_necklace at once.
th_is contin you us heal th IE st light, happiest A_WE_are_ness poss i ble s sing. Continuous health is accurate information of who we really are (kIndnEss).

We are free to dream any dream should Weaver forget it is all ready and written in the book of forever. We are allowed only one Awe_ache and that is continuous_bliss.
In_Bloom Seen "Dr. Bonner's Soapbox"?
re: spaceship Earth

hsg I've'nt

mayhaps goog'll educate me on this matter.
In_Bloom correction: "Dr. Bronner's Soapbox"

see netflix
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