mindful remember me?
we used to waltz on 31st street
playing kickball in the summer heat
and sniffing around for trouble to get
into, just when.. we thought it would last
time flies by, and I'm here..
you're there, and each moment
brings tears that have become so
hard to let drop.
drowning in an ocean
too strong to swim in,
you're a mother now,
she's an aunt now, and I
"wow" in the status the two of you
have been given.
I left the old neighborhood
following my mother and her dreams
of living in comfort
with her "new man" and his "new ways"
and.. slowly forgot that you
You look the same, sound the same,
smile the same, and your daughter
is you all over again.
I wonder how much love
went into time as we grew older
and moved farther away
from each other,
but I'm okay.
This is just to let you know
I'm happy. Tell your sister
I love her, and give your mother
my best. It was all in fun,
at least.. that's what we told
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