Toxic_Kisses ...Is my best friend. No, I'm not talking about the person who seems to be sweeping up after all my spelling mistakes here on blather, although I must admit s/he seems rather nice and patient (Witch is much appreciated) but instead the one on my Microsoft Word witch keeps me from spelling things annoyingly wrong all the time and helps me express the way I think/feel @ the moment w/o you guys scratching ur head and going "WTF did she just say?!?" or "ARG!" and get all angry and bitch me out... you know, I wish I had a spell checker in my head, make things a lot more simple... oh and to answer every ones Q "Why tha freak can't she spell??" well I’d like to blame the education system but that would just be a cop out now wouldn’t it, no fact of the matter iz I lack patients for learning some things, it would be like putting a dictionary b4 me and saying memorize how to spell every word in there, quite over whelming and time consuming no? 011011
blather spell check which (x2)

not bothering w/ the iz's because I assume those are intentional.
Toxic_Kisses What all computers should be REQUIRED to have
This will be my last blath of the night I'm tired of misspelling things cuz my guys friend hasent a Spellchecker on his computer
white_wave unfortunately there isn't a spell checker than catch a word that was ommited.

like for example, what was wrong with that sentence I just wrote? it would only make sense to someone like me who is seriously_lacking_proofreading_skills.
what's it to you?
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