Groil and grimace,
Sitting on a fence,
Watching the boomba-dippity stroll by.

I wonder what's on their minds?
marjorie I tore out my heart the other day. I figured if I wasn't using, I might as well put it to use. I planted it in the soil that I had recently turned over. My heart grew and grew until one day tiny buds appeared. From them came small truths which sprouted wings and flew away. I tried to follow close behind. But I lost them in a foggy haze. And my heart shriveled up when frost came. Somehow though, I don't mind so much. 000214
tourist Different from dirt and sand, brings to mind rich loams, humus, peat. The residue of life now gone, melting, blending to arise once more. The holy cycle of endless rebirth. Sun rain, fungus and fertility. The stuf of life. Nowdays so under-appriecated. 001103
MobilDetroit diffusion and broadcasting..............

its cold on the floor and even more the air.

icy out, but warm in may.
... What does my feet do. The does and will, plus frost
bite. Chunks of wrecked past float by, the wind
packaging our faces. River water sprays from the
North as an attack against my social standing receives
imaginary backing from my peers.

The DelRay seeds have been transplanted away from the
river in favor of the warming refineries of all lives
on earth.

Down river the wind blows to meet the heated stream.
She blows across the river to fight the northern
faces. Poor souls without control live in daily
notme i have just got' up
my hair is left unbraided
i think of going to the field
to plant my life in the soil
see what blooms in the summer wind
it is noon today i am waking
what's it to you?
who go