vicious he
gave me a ride home
and we talked for hours
about you
and I realized that I am attracted to him
in an intellectual way
and that he is the same with me
and it was cool...

until he said
IMAGO that i might see" 000529
depotus i felt as if my world had come crashing down and as if a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. i felt like i lost him forver -- i know i probably did -- but i dont know if what i gained is so much more than what i lost. how do you determine those things? is it better to have somene to love you more than you love them? or is it better to love someone more than they love you? ideally you want someone who loves you as much ... but then, would you rather have a lot of love and a lot of disagreements or little conflicts but a little less love too?

i feel as if i want to to just do everything again. i want to just ... ah ... it seems like i send the guys in my life to the clubs that end up curing them but make them so ...

and then i of course always realize too late.
" sounds like you hate this guy and he probably hates u just as much... somewhere in betweeen must be a middleground... you both probly did things you shouldn't've... but every shower is a new beginning i always say. the only other thing i say is I'll be back." 050412
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