For sure! coralskippers...pretty nasty. they project these voids that will suck up your lasers. you gotta set your lasers for a lower power to cycle them through and faster so the void can't suck 'em up. THEN! when the lower power shots get through, hit 'em with a high powered quad burst and they be history, man. Solid gone... 000712
mushroomman The music flows, and the cd skips, and it keeps skipping, Gets really annoying
then i take the cd out and throw the CD player out of the God Damn window and i Scream... "damn you you fucking piece of shit"... i look down at the cd, and i see the big scratch... then i go out and buy a new cd , and burn the old one, watch it melt and turn black.... i quietly listen to the old CD scream, "i'm melting i'm melting i'm melllllllting..." then i eat the rest of my cheeseburger.
amelie the year.
it opened up like a rosebud.
the healing process.
i skipped it.
the smile on my face.
it was natural.
the music.
it danced, unyielding, through my mind.
my steps.
one or two... skipped in my euphoria.
the laughter.
it was authentic. the first i had let since my mind blurred.
"skip you."
the uno game.
fun in inncocence.
returned from its sheltering cavern.
skip to now.
the slope is declining again.
help me.
what's it to you?
who go