yoguru one of the strangest things one can add to yogurt. beware. 060605
unhinged his sweat smelled like sandalwood as he flailed and hopped around on the dance floor. silly stinky hippies that don't know how to dance can be quite endearing.

i used to wear sandalwood instead of patchouli. beware the sandalwood incense though; some brands are super stinky.
unhinged i wear sandalwood again
with vanilla lotion
boys comment on this regularly
a stranger in the coffee shop
'you smell good. what are you wearing?'
his friend as we left the bar
'you smell good. the cold air as we walked outside blew it at me.'
'you smell like cake.'
or him
'you smell like incense.'

i don't know why, but being complimented on how i smell makes me smile particularly wide.
ever dumbening vanilla and sandalwood? yeah, if i walked by you smelling like both i'd be all over you like a marmot on a radiator hose (look it up)! two of my absolute favorite scents. 070228
ummmm... ummmm...

what language do you speak ?


whats that?
unhinged i guess i've discovered an olfactory secret of most men; their like of comforting 'warm' smells rather than clean 'cool' smells. there's probably some pyschological connection there or something.

but i have always received more compliments from my 'warm' scents from guys and my 'cool' scents from girls. not exactly a scientific study, but i wonder....gender-typed olfactory preferences. hhhmmmm
unhinged (today i went to the bank and my favorite teller took care of me. she commented on how i smelled and our entire conversation revolved around it; i wear men's cologne for the smokiness.

'you smell yummy nicole'

today tannia made me blush)
unhinged has become my standby; i layer sandalwood oil under designer perfume. if i can't do that, the perfume isn't worth buying.

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