phil boxing gloves wear thin
all washes cars
when you shop, throw your money at the cashier and tell them to go fuck themeselves (always leave a tip)
Brass horns and shoes have very little in common
I can untie a ribbon but I can't tie a bow
I can tie a tie and untie a tie and tie a knot in a bow
I can ride a dragon, but there are no dragons
There is a dragon but you cannot ride it
Get OFF the MIRACLE ROUND and look at me up and down
quivering eyes
slackered jaw
reddish brown hair
and shifting iris eyes
the flowers that abound
whenever you smile

get lost in the miracle
each the juice of the tree

die inside
be born each day

get found in a focus ring and a coke

silent bob don't me mad boo.

the well was hit by a falling star
I wished it never happened
the world fell apart
your face ripped open, then for two whole seconds birdmad was standing in the trunk of a red car looking down on me. Have I been sucking on exhaust? Did this man hit me with his vehicle, and he is now standing in the trunk to escape the blood, smiling?
escape, and just like in the movie when I woke up!
I was a painting, it went drip drip drip
But I could hear sounds, someone beating on a saggy drum, waking me, waking me, waking me fuck!
what's it to you?
who go