Thyartshallshant I wish i were a poet. 010107
MercynRe you are man, you are. 010427
god brief my truss, congeal and swallow and swan. white smoky gossamer burlap burmeslian donut case with the royal insignia of south palestine. 011216
Cryptic Sounds like tea and headless hell in the Betty Ford clinic. 011217
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The Angel Crusher the evil opposite of blather, but I cannot tell you about it. Literally, I cannot tell you. There are no words to describe it. When words even get within a 24.7 mile radius of it, they lose all meaning and just become jumbled letters. And eventually even the letters succumb to it's power and they lose their form, becoming just like wet noodles...only not as tasty. I'm afraid I've already said too much.

I was sent to issue you that warning. I'm not at liberty to say the details of this more peculiar warning. Suffice to say, all you people here are grave danger.
faaip de oaiad 020420
sabbie in translation bliss and maybe you xl get this , whole , untouched , ;fn) then would you think? notion stray in thought thought stray in or or stray in language stray in the wind sole to be myself return ) towards electronic finger and back to you. cyber wretch surely. 020421
42resU so...

anti matter destroys matter
it therefore follows that;
anti blather destroys blather
rehtalbitna syortsed rehtalb.

BLATHERING IDIOT ..Is for quitters 030710
for future reference
username: rehtalb
password: rehtalb
andru235 anti-matter doesn't destroy matter! when the two coincide it merely effects an unrecognizable transmutation on both.

argue away. neither of us will get anywhere. .tsenif sti ta rehtalb

somewhere elsesle erehwemos
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:sa hcus

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni
"We go wandering at night and are consumed by fire"


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