splinken "either stand tall or sit the fuck down."
---the Roots
lost ahhhhhh... I cant see if i'm the only one sitting down. 010425
Shugarhi Joshua...I pine for Joshua...His warmth, his face, his arms... I miss everything sbout him... Everyone says I shouldn't even care, that he treated me so horribly that I should hate him...I just can't find the hatred in me needed to despise him... He meant everything to me...I just don't know how to tell them that... 010521
snoe yea...good ol' josh 020822
Glory Box i swim after you eddied in the current and swirling off clutching tree branches and you say you can hardly even float then why are you so far ahead of me?

feeling left behind in the middle of the night the tired virgin with no one to warm her tired heart.
silentbob upload 030818
parrot sketch birdmad for the fjords 030818
not important yay! da bird makes me grin. 030818
Elmo I pine for a time when people think about others.
Where peace is the norm, not war.
Where governments actually run humanitarian military support operations not for profit, or for power, but simply because there are people that NEED THE HELP.
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