sphinxradio i get so wrapped up in these emotions, you know,
and i'm sure it makes me look as though i can't handle anything
i can't, sometimes, to be honest,
too often it's just staring at the wall and seeing things i want to see

you can't know how lost i get within myself.
Artichoke There's nothing you can do about that, well unless you want to try, but otherwise ignore most people who attempt to shove religious doctrines down your throat, and most importantly resist noticing those who would attempt to tear down your entire personality system. They're just trying to change you so that you are more suitable for THEIR SELFISH NEEDS. In the end they will dispose of you.

So, Do Not Trust Them.
Big insulting words are nothing and the person employing negativity towards you is a NON-ENTITY and therefore his shit is inconsequential in any shape or form.
Non-Entities disintigrate right before your very eyes.

They are machines trained to hammer insults into your brain, but what ultimately is more important? YOUR opinion of yourself or their lousy opinion already manufactered and for sale at the city thrift shop?

Oooooo eeeee
Cloned, signed, sealed, and fucking delivered with a stamp.

I'm NOT Lisa and I never will be!
what's it to you?
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