meat machine birdmad i need to get into a good fight

i've lost a few steps to my game, sure

and i would likely get my ass kicked anymore, but i have a high tolerance for physical pain

(if walking around for a couple of hours without knowing i had stapled myself is iany indication - see: oww)

since my tendency to be governed by my emotions is regarded, by and large, as a liability

myybe i should hit the gym just long enough and hard enough to enter myself in a few of those cage_fight events

i wanna trade places with the tin_man
colors20 It's hard to say after what has happened. It is the truth and I must face it. You are not worth my time. You are a bitch. and you are not a good friend, not to me. my dad said that your mom thinks it is impossible to be friends after you go out with someone. I think it only works that way if you make it work that way. 020818
devalis that wasn't nice. 021231
Arugula Red you pretend to be nice. But you are not nice at all. You push me around, and I hate it. 021231
colors20 I'm sorry... I don't even remember writing that one. 021231
colors20 ^when I wrote that one 021231
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