Quintessensual she was nomad
he was so bad
to her
she just ran and never stopped moving
to groove

he was nomad
she was so sad
with him
he just ran and never stopped grooving
to move

copr. 1999
evelyn cheng so what if i was born to be nomad.
so what if my lungs were made to suck the sweetest honeydew air
and so fucking what if my eyes tear in the rain because i want to be a part of everything
so what
i am nomad and i am lone wolf wanderer and i am restless autumn leaf
Quintessensual Yes, a Nomad

Yes, this must be a nomad, it must be,
at last unhinged, at last, hustling fast,
rustling as autumnal leaves to next spring,
or some spring, are roots of tall, waving grass.

Go be a nomad, go, and hibernate,
when snow comes to cover and you must rest;
yet lay not still until the high wind slows,
too much, and the grass blooms its soft sweetest.

with spring garland
moonshine Damon 000529
tourist No Mad Living
Our Essential Nature
Has Always Been
To Move On
Beyond Old Boundries
Pushing New Frontiers
This Our Fate
Out Of Eden
We Now Wander
Across The Deserts
Beyond The Seas
Into The Sky
Beyond This World
This Our Path
No Mad Living
j_blue gonads are not nomadic 001117
Eowithien I almost wish I was that. Not having to worry about home taxes, living where I want, free and with the things that I want. 030302
phil work for free, and you will buy your freedom. 030302
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