boomcheeka damn it, fuck y'all 010221
Dafremen good for you. If they say..well it's can't help it you poor little thing.

Let them know you don't WANT to help it and to shove their judgements and theories up their ass. It's not like you're coming up with theories to explain why they're such bad dressers.
j_blue but we are, thats the funny part 010509
psychobabe i live in a pretty small town, but its the biggest one around here in southern minnesota i guess. I came across this topic, and i hate it when people judge others like that. When i say all this please take me as not being a judger but a person who is trying to help out alittle and maybe become a friend. I have a couple of friends who are bisexual/gay whatever you want to call it. I dont really feel good about saying gay cuz i feel like i'm putting that person down in some way, but knowing me as the person i am i try to be friends with everyone. So when i say the things i say i try it outta the kindness of myself and not trying to sound bitchy at the same time. But yes, there are to many out there that judge you for being like that, or just anything. I find it wrong of them, and that you should have the choice of what you want. eh i probably sound so fucking korny, but hey its what i guess i feel heh 010923
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