sphinxradio how do you like the open-door irony?
first, as strangers with closed doors
(at least, closed to each other, as we both hid)
then, learning more, and leaving open the channels of communication
and the next adventures are of a nature that we're more comfortable with the door closed, again.
jezebell is the way we fit together
and i can't remember not knowing your name
ferret will you be structered and engineered? 040418
Risen Somehow, naturally, without any conscious effort or force of will, things have changed.

Like an evolution.

I went to help out wit a dyslexia study, and ended up chatting for hours with the beautiful French woman running it. An undertone of flirtation. An exchange of numbers.

At the same time, another woman is due to come to Cambridge for dinner on Friday. We have slept together before, and I want to see how she reacts to a Formal. If she does well... who's to say I won't finally christen my room here?

Online there is interest, too. I feel as though I am desirable again. Interesting again. No longer a leper, and outcast. A cripple. Someone in love with the unattainable. Second place.

Somehow, naturally, I have unfurled.
laughin Is_highly_classified 150201
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