not pooly just_roll_me_in_the_pool 020830
not pooly with string my_face_hurts
??? how about my_pussy_hurts? 020830
not pooly that too 020830
not pooly even my_ice_hurts 020830
please start insulting me stab

i think you should stab me.

wait. excuse that, it's my fatigue.

you already have.
fuck you.
whome I need a massage. 031106
sylphide ..from the cravings.
I rode today.. so far. My whole body aches as i crave for more. For more lusty moments, for more sedatives to settle my noisy thought. For more love making, for more music, for more nicotine to calm my firey blood.

In an attempt to find today's placebo, i rode till I realised my heart would still be weary and my mind still be unmanageable.

HornyDevil I need a fuck. I just want to be fucked like a dirty little bitch till MY pussy hurts 031106
Syrope the pain of unsatisfied sexual desires is so different than the pain of broken and neglected limbs

but neither helps the other
Borealis not from misuse
from unuse

"energy creates energy"...
so go...

djane i'm sick and my body hurts. its that time of the year where everyone is getting sick.. we're passing it around our classrooms, our jobs, our homes... and what a time to get sick when the government decided that we all of a sudden don't have enough resources to distribute flu shots! what the fuck, right? this is America and we don't have enough RESOURCES for the FUCKING FLU SHOT!?! so wrong.. 041109
phil everything except my back and ankles. 051026
sirflaccid ,but in a good way. It is the aches and pains that go along with a hard day's work. For once, I am physically worn insted of mentally exhausted. 051026
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