Q Dear sleepless aka impossibility,

As to your gender, beyond the fact that your blathes suggested to my sexistly stereotypifying mindset that you are female, in my mind's deep background there is a memory that you referred to yourself as a female in some blathes. But the background is so deep that perhaps what I can see of the memory in the dark, and with this sad mindset, is woefully erroneous.
sleepless Dear Q,

I really like the word mindset - so that's a good start. It suggests a controlled mind, a steady mind, and I often think I don't have one of those.

Sadly though, I fear you are woefully erroneous (a lovely turn of phrase!) on this matter, since apart from possibly referring to myself as an ookpik, I am positive that I have not referred to myself as female. However, this could all get very deep and Freudian. So I'll stop now.

Thank you for your comments previously - they have got me blathering incessantly. I think it might become an addiction.

I hope your memory is not too dark, and your mindset not too sad where you are.
impossibility And he agrees too . . . 000907
Annie111 I was quite happy at the beginning of fall, it was cheery and marigold, and my ten friends were like facets of a crystal, all pretty and shiny.

It's wearing a little thin now, and things I thought were just make-believe turn out to be more real than just setting my life to music in the dark.
ClairE I am too much of a woman to have a one_track_mind, but I always seem to get lost in one place. City, countryside, or you. 011218
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