U kno HU! milo is kevins cat, she is ancient and partially blind in one eye 031122
shutter-bug my friend has a cat named milo too

we once tied sandbags to his feet so he couldn't walk.
stork daddy she was the black woman who would scowl at every passing stranger. pretty much anyone she didn't know. if you were driving by her in the car you'd be left feeling confused, and assaulted, because her anger looked so real, so specific and personal. it didn't matter what she was yelling, it could be in another language, but it seemed like she really had your number. johnny, however, wasn't a stranger. he knew her. and she was as nice to him as one person could be to another. she'd hit a girl if the girl did johnny wrong. she'd steal for him. anything. don't get it wrong though. she wasn't some sad and unloved person who scowled at people as a defense against their assured disapproval. she liked it. she didn't like having to know people, because then she'd have to be nice to them. it was in her nature. 040525
milo the milo, the id in fact, reaches out from the dark depths of [somewhere]*

*[somewhere] may indicate the district of, but not limited to:

.the human psyche
.a public toilet

three words all_day_long milo would 060725
Briar~Rose Milo is a chocolate drink powder. You can have it hot or cold.

"Milo... Get more Go."

It also comes in a bar with caremal and chocolate.
milo milo is a dead freak. 060728
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