Q Student at Cytherea's knee: "So what you are trying to say is that a little meds can go a long way?"

Cytherea: "Yes. In my experience they often do. Yes siree!"
anomalous side effects 050501
misstree i don't want them ruling my life
but at the same time
when i don't take them
the blinders come off
the world isn't so pretty right now
that i believe i can hold back
the vertigo.
hsg drugs 050720
kelc zoloft. bipolar. tasty with supper. desgusting if taken with no drink or food. 050720
jane couldn't get mine today; they cost $250. insurance stopped covering them. 050720
mt tried to go too far from them too quickly
and now i'm lost
misstree a different kind of chemical cocktail
has been traipsing in and out of my system,
but a week, maybe more, gone
(i forgot somewhere along the way that i was
supposed to, you'd better,
if you don't take them)
and somehow i forgot to take them,
didn't feel the nagging need,
the despair, the
"well, there's always
jumping off the earth."

and i make sure i let myself dry out frequently
and things aren't exactly wine and roses right now,
and there's still a million things
that should be chewing on the tender bits,
but somehow,
i feel fine.
unhinged ectasy = mdma = methyldioxyMETHAMPHETAMINE 050819
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