the repeater i think, from a communicative standpoint, that "stealing" is better termed collaboration, homage, sharing. much like here; although there is a lot of crap to weed through, every now and then something really funny, sharp, poignant, even innovative pops up. and sometimes this is through ordinary speech full of cliche, abstraction, borrowed emotion, dead language, etc. there's no end to what's familiar, but that's no reason to fade into silence. and once a new medium becomes available, how long before it gets used up too? like past schools of avant-gardism, once recognized they become no longer original? nah, well sure, as a form, but the ideas are still there...anyhow, blah blah tangent gravy.

jacques cousteau quote in rushmore:

"when one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself."

i think everyone should think they are extraordinary and babble away accordingly. 010620
daniel its late at night and im all alone sitting around staring at the phone. wondering if, if i should call you or if i shoudl, just do nothign at all. 011201
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