jane the right moment 040304
misstree (also see chronos_and_kairos)
thankyou for this concept.
much needed.
(how is it pronounced? kai like kite? kai like okay? ros like roast or hoss?)
werewolf yes but does it ever end. i mean, is it ever enough. you cross a desert because you believe there's something of worth on the other side right? it'd be stupid to end up a 40 year old with two children, summer homes, and have the bottom drop out to emptiness again. will i be able to shrug again then and say, it's just another desert? 040304
misstree in childbirth (even self-birthing), most of the time is spent huffing and puffing. kairos is the expulsory push. 040304
werewolf and we've all seen ugly babies. 040304
. we just pass it on to the next generation. to the next us. that's tomorrow's problem we say as we keep trucking. 040304
phil statues
(as in kite)
falling_alone this has really been one of the greatest moments of my life. it feels so fucking weird. i really love everyone i went on this trip with, i am so glad i got to know everyone.

doubt the 1st.
cry the 2nd.
TRUST the 3rd.
live the 4th.

and by god, you better live it.
unhinged i was just reading_lately

and came across this word/concept

the end of protest: a new playbook for revolution by micah white
what's it to you?
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