Aimee oh god, I just ruined mine. I just can't bear to look at my teacher in the face... he worked so hard trying to get me ready and I let him down. I forgot the words, my voice cracked and my breathing was off I forgot to count and came in early... Christ, I'm so glad I'm leaving... I don't deserve to be in a vocal performance major... 020510
unhinged when you do a recital, you don't have to do a jury that semester. they are so kind to give you that reprieve even though you have to give a recital hearing before the recital that is five times as long as a jury to make sure you can play the stuff in public. my hearing ended up on the same day as juries anyway. no break at all. phooey. 020510
no reason ugh. stupid mistakes.
oh well, at least it's over.

one more to go
unhinged is this week instead of finals week
and i have to play two slots cause i'm a grad student now
and make a program cause my teacher is weird
and memorize my scale fingerings
and play an etude
and all the movements of my concerto

i'm too tired to care
which usually helps my nerves
and having no respect for the people i play for
yeah, that helps the nerves too
no reason how did they go? 031217
no reason i think i wants my marks now, yes i do.
they're always so poker faced.
noreasongollum? heh heh i reads my blather and i laughs. are YOUR markses poker-faced, preciousssss??? 040430
MusicMan I didn't have juries this year 040501
what's it to you?
who go