typhoid complicated fractal dreamworks.
what a beautiful version of cz that was.
sets and set theory, a superset of reality
a dream where dreams come true
but you were more or less real
i touched you
oh fucking
climbing like a monkey just to
your skin
was it really you?
amy were you real?
or, more specifically, was your HAIR real?
Kate Walking back into the theater at the end of intermission, you ran into someone from school. Suprised to see him, did you forget to introduce me? When we returned to our seats I asked who he was--you replied someone from your (not our) grade whom he only slightly knew, though his older brother had a lasting reputation because he started a fencing club at your school. It turns out that he, with his olive turtleneck, and his mother, with her burgundy beaded top and fluffy but not obnoxious yelow hair, were sitting in the row in front of us, and it was pleasant to see someone who you might pass in the hallways or buy lunch with.

And, stalkerishly checking your schools webpage, I learn that last night was the "winter formal" and I don't mind not being introduced anymore...
what's it to you?
who go