Arwyn *I wasn't born
*I was thin
*I was popular
*I broke thousands of hearts
*I never met the love of my life
*Bobby never put us together
*my love wasn't interested
*I am male
*I am a very gay man
*Everything that I have now is the complete opposite.

a very creepy thought
lycanthrope i'm exactly the there's a creepy thought 020309
my little secret I am in love, unquestioning, undoubtful love, but I take it for granted.

We are best friends; We talk and tell each other things, but you never met the girl that makes you happy.

You may doubt me and question at times, my sincerity, but you don't take me for granted and I don't take you for granted

We may never speak again, but at least you are happy now, you have found someone.
noun If you ever meet your doppelganger in a parallel universe, you shouldn't shake their hand, because you would both explode.

You are made of matter.

They would be made of antimatter.

You'd cancel each other out.

For real, Stephen Hawking told me.
bloody trail I bump into myself, and I love me. For hours. Then we bump into my Jessie and love her to...and here's the weird part, she loves us back. 030828
mon running_into_myself 030828
cel in a parallel universe...this universe may not exist 040710
Deomis everything was exactly the same as before, only different. 040711
:) the_value_of_Truth... 040711
Strideo in a parallel universe things have a way of working out quite conveniently for science fiction writers and TV budgets.

in a parallel universe maybe parallelograms are just squares.
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