auto cross reference system Jeudi's boyfriend doesn't like them.

See nascar_is_not_a_sport.
sabbitha is crowned with fire dammit, i want hotdogs.

bloody blather and its GO button
bloody mistree and her golden_apple
bloody bollixing to hotdog cravings.


this better not be setting the tone for the day
sab sab is not sure why her computer told blather she was crowned with fire today

maybe haloed in starshine, but not really crowned with fire.

not at the moment.

there are votes for being swathed in night, but he's always votin' for that
misstree it wasn't so much of a crown as these two kind of banks of coals sticking out from the sides of your head with some flamey stuff issuing upward. and you were both crowned in fire and swathed in night. or someone/something was, anyway.

what do you mean that didn't really happen? you're going to have to define this "really" word for me.

i keep catching the scent of apples on the wind but when i peek around the corner it's some crappy gut-rotting soft drink. playing hide and seek with the good bits in life.

it is friday, dahlink. hope you had your unidentifiable meat products, or wallowed in the blasphemy if you didn't. personally, i forgot. a_day_late_and_a_meat_stick_short.
what's it to you?
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