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Soon youíll be back
and maybe youíll stand right here.
Perhaps youíll say "Iíve missed you"
but maybe Ďyouí will have disappeared.

What if the person who stands here
is nothing like the one I knew before?
Change - this I expect,
but someone new would leave me torn.

I saw a glimpse of you tonight.
A you easier, a bit more perfect, less complicated.
But it wasnít good enough, wasnít you . . .
Yikes, you say "what plans have you slated?"

Friendship! I say boldly,
easiest, most comfortable, least risk of loss.
But how should I know if you even want that,
and if you do, how much will it cost?

What should I have thought
when you called on Valentineís day?
at 4 AM from a pay phone after a long walk,
and what did you expect I would say?

What happens if I get the better of me,
and I say what I thought
when I wasnít really thinking.
Where would that leave a friendship, except Ďnot

But what if you just donít care?
Then why should I?
Except that I do.

~ismene 6/98

"Hate is not the opposite of love, apathy is."
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