deadpilot 1 let us bow our heads in prayer 2 precision of the chaos mother-computer 3 lover-son of unarchitectural most solumn world 4 We beseech you divine pop art Gaudi hypothetical 80's hair band EZ cheez and undone flourecent green umbrella 5 It is with a small amount of hope/paranoid love/apathy that we forge the forrests and storm the storage sheds 6 For you our shoes are scuffed, fingernails unfingernail polished, eyes wide with the irrefutable knowledge that there is no little yellow house on the prarie and that over hill under stars Beethoven does not write any quality overly sentimental puppy dog love songs for us. 7 For you, fantastic Christmas-crimped preteens and wheezy dust-teethed old men alike rise up and dance Aztec ankled around 50-foot maypoles But you, oh omnious wax-encased international starlet mystery bureaucrat, you don't even blink to the pseudo literary lunar eclipse of undying humbleness and witless devotion 8 One thousand resurrected and fully underappreciated pterodactyls flap horrible applause in a leisurely setting sun until the moment said sun SLAMS into the hillside burning the townspeople 8xinf You in hammock avec lemonade sigh heavily. 000107
old hick And why was 7 afraid of 8 ?

Because 8 didn't take shit from anybody!
*nicole* six seven five three oh nine 000809
Not fried strips of potato Eight eight the burning eight
between seven and nine
lies a record so intense
it will devistate.
owko .....eight,
man looks for a mate,
but fate plays cruel tricks........
Miner Her swerving hips and lip service. 010511
Inanna the 8 point star(my symbol) 011108
pipedream pieces of eight
animal magnetism, if you please
*squawk* goes polly
what's it to you?
who go