puredream Is it mine or is it yours?

a heat beat, loud and clear
loudly, fast within my ear
crying, once a little bit more
opening again another door

Is it mine or is it yours?

this echo within my ear
palm to palm
head to chest
heart to head
echo to ear

echo to ear
echo to ear
echo to ear

Is it mine or is it yours? This heartbest echoing in my ear?
Borealis I've been hurting.
you've been busy
lacunas coil my ears are ringing, truly they are, what are they saying? what can they be trying to say to me? it's 2pm and im all alone. the door is open so that anyone can come in, so that a breeze may pass through the room. it's 2pm and i just went through a waking night mare. mysterious. i'm shaken and my ears are ringing. what's going on? augustine said that we get to heaven for what we love. what do i love? beauty? or what is beyond beauty? argh! my ears are ringing, i'm in a daze! i just want to be free and flying, what is this echo in my ear? spin spin and spin away. yes and spin more! waht is this echo in my ear? who said these words, and why does it sound so hebrew? perhaps i shouldn't read ezkiel so much, with such great interest, but the mysticism freezes me. the mysticism takes me away. its 2pm and i'm alone in a room with the door propped open so anyone can come in (it has a lock on it) but no one comes in and my city of god is waiting for me, and my ears are ringing and i just had a waking nightmare. strange strange. mysterious. let me be. 040705
notme . 040705
what's it to you?
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