typhoid not only have i been having dreams, but they have been intertwining, merging, so as to create the image of a vast dreamworld in which everything is connected. 000405
flame of sin inside and constant pushing you outside
hallucinations of reality clash with denial.
Casey I don't really have dreams, more like visions. Everytime i "dream" it ends up being that i will see the exact thing in real life later on.

An example: I was at worlds of fun on that oriental rollercoaster and as you get on there is a mural on the wall, I had seen that mural a few months before in a dream.
pete waking eyes
to the predawn blitz--
falling stars
and the fires of
heavenly tears
reaching down
to the hollowness
of our sleeping hearts--
turning within
a dream filled bliss
when the hours cease
and sounds of pleasure
and pain
fill the inaudible space
where our minds go to play
Perpetual Puppet no before or after no beginning and no end. no time just a flow of images people situations words, then when conscious de ja vu 041101
Ouroboros I can vividly remember most of the dreamscapes of my 20+ years of dreaming; sometimes I'll get a flashback of a memory of the scape of a dream I had long forgotten about years ago. 081205
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