ever dumbening i'm losing my mind.

mostly this is a shitty thing, rest assured. i'm frozen with existential self-doubt, with fears great and small, the likes of which haven't plagued me for some time.

however, the faulty wiring has produced at least one interesting result. i've loved cooking for a long time: give me a sautee pan and some spices and away we go. but i've never been much of an oven person (a fact which i've attributed to getting blasted by the heat as a child—as head-high was dead center for the inferno—helping my mom bake); and the few times i use the oven it's usually for fish, or roasting garlic. but this all seems to be changing.

a couple weeks ago i grabbed some brownie mix at trader joe's (tasty) and fired that up. and tonight, i went to town on some jammin-ass triple c's. it's so great to see so many things that damn your body come together to create something that is such a blessing for the soul.

and so i raise the holy host above me, and i pray to cookie monster:

please release me from my demons
(but allow me to keep this new habit).
jane cookie_monster was always my favorite, the hedonistic furry lump.

anyway, j, i would love to hang out with you again soon. with no interruptions when i'm speaking :)
jane cookie_pusher 070828
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