sphinxradio that's as much as i can hold.
maximum capacity.
makes me think of a boat full of passengers.
no, too scary.
i don't like that image.

i've learned and since forgotten all the french i will ever know in my lifetime.
it's kind of a depressing thought, too, but not as morbid as the boat.
amy i'm forever spilling.
goodbye to memories and names and the whispers of the air's chill.
my mind is small, and the world ... so expansive.
Tedwood Richard Strong II i swore yesterday that i'd never be sullen enough to this...morose conflagration of outcries for what they know this stream of information, this speck on the board of all worldy communication, could ever bring to them

i'm ashamed. ashamed that i've lost so much, and that i have yet to gain so much, and sorry for the inevitable, that i will lose that as well...

intrapersonal intelligence is the type i value most.
User24 is there an upper limit? 031112
Sirius high voltage is capacaty too..or am I wrong? 050513
Ionesco just because I can
just becuse I know I could
Just because otherwise many might shake heads
saying, she was of able body, of able mind

What I could do is not what I shall do
(that is, necessarily)
What I could be is not what I yearn to be
( I could wish it were, but such coinciding must be nothing but a coincedence)

Indeed I am able
Why am I unwilling?
All I could
Why don't I?
It is seen I should
and why won't I?

Someday, sweep my ashes under the rug
what's it to you?
who go