misstree moving through brambles... tiny plants clinging to corduroy, i can hear their cries, "bring me!" "no, please stay, please stay" "ha! i've got her, guys, go for the ankles!" "oooh, soft, betcha i can poke skin through this!"... don't know if i've ever influenced a bramblepixie one way or another, but they certainly are enthusiastically friendly... 031107
Lemon_Soda A concept of acting that drives a persons personality. Almost always manifesting in eccentric and obsessive habits and immutable insistances. People quite easily get caught by these brambles and are either subsumed and become one, or are torn to bloody shreds one tiny prick at a time.

Ever meet someone who just grated your skin when they were near you? Wasn't anything you could really hold against them, but hot damn if they didn't annoy the hell out of you. It really sucks when they use a twist of half logic to make it stick.
Whitechocolatewalrus I pounce through the brambles, my life in shambles. I wish for night, I wish for stars, I wish for glue to put everything back together again. I crawl through brambles, my home is in shambles. Please help me, I want to fly. 031107
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