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Every once in a while I come across blathes that are filled with wisdom and insight... Then, later when I want to find them again, I can't remember where they were or who they belonged to..

So, I would like to start compiling a list of them here... and I need your help... so you can post them too!

Here is my preferred format:
"Wise and Insightful Quote"
-- By _original_blatherskite_
-- From _Blathe_of_Origin_
[.:..The SeeR ..:.] -----------------------------------
"Artís a window to the soul
Of its maker, this is true;
But you know it takes its truest form
When you see us ALL there, too. "

-- By Jeca
-- From the Poem "Blather_Mirror"
[.:..The SeeR ..:.] ---------------------------------
#1. Life is a Gift.
#2. You have a purpose.
#3. The world needs you.
#4. Once you understand why #3 is true, then #2 becomes Crystal Clear, then all at once, #1 seems painfully obvious, and you wonder why you never realized it before!
-- From Pythagorus
-- reasons_to_live
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blue star

a band-aid for the ozone layer

a guard dog for the rainforests

a pollution-sucking sea monster that spits the toxic shit back in the dumpers' faces

a nightmare to insert into people's minds to make them not do stupid shit (ex: dubya 's current plan)

something that turns concrete into soil without much effort

a machine that shows rich-assed republicans what the rest of the world feels like

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