jennifer the rockstar
the one who thinks she's a dork
and she's not
the one so far away

why did it happen this way?
silentbob she knows how i feel but she doesn't know how she feels
she says
shes confused
but i know
she looks really cute with black hair and when she looks at me with tragic eyes
klairchen Jennifer is a frippin genius!
I've never thought of thought of typing the underscore-slash-thing around over-blathed words.

Barrett "Her, the one next to that bald guy. Behind the fat chick. You know, the one who was dancing with that fuck."

"Oh, you mean your girlfriend, man. She's pretty hot."

(from the ears of a bartender)
kate the kinda girl i could really get used to being around.. and we've really just met. 001024
Angel Goddess And I remember that night
in that dark room
when we first got up the guts
to kiss.
And she touched her lips to mine
and I melted into the darkness.
And all that there was in my world
was her mouth
and her lips
the fabric of her shirt
the soft, soft curve of her breast
and the exact moment she touched mine.
kate the funny thing is, I don't know if I can handle you, but damn do i want to. 001026
kate hardcore, wild and crazy. 001026
kx21 _her_ Song:

Respect, beautify _her_
instead of ... _her_???
what's it to you?
who go