ChickenPotPie Streets so wide.
Crossing? Wading.
Cars, buildings, and closer (no truth in generalities) --
Closer even, M's hair, dishelved (matches the dirt and papers which are the grass), and in the pockets the drugs that are the sunlight that does not fall
Closer even... but M is not there any more.
M Runs. His (her) hair is behind him (her), his body is so far behind, his mind alone is
While his body wades.
Moment of clarity: as M passes by "a store" (cutshot of broken glass, unlit - half unlit - well lit but poorly a window, ads for sometihng) Can you shop at stores, M? Where do you get your money, M? You'd better not answer, responsibility is unbecoming.
Back at the store: a girl a boy neon vest neon East (sunrise in only a half-eternity), smell of something on their breath -- kiss the girl kiss the boy love them find them dirty as the street and RUN run run run run so you do not become unanimate like the walls and the doors and the cars and the uniforms (suits, somewhere, and people wearing them) .................,

Run, M, because one day you will have to jump, you will have to leap, M, and there will be nothing but that jump (air washing your soul with your blood), --- it's so YOU, M. So NATURAL. Leap now over the pile of overturned something (black with sharp edges), leap now M because it is your game.

Leap now, M, or forever hold your peace.
WoNDERGIRL I wish I was urban. Or natural or a little more punk. Or anything, for that matter.

I wish I was something.
kim why?
you're doing so good at being someone
what's it to you?
who go