nemo the sky is falling

oh my love trust me in this: it really is

as my gaze proceeded upward and licked the contour of the horizon... i, in my temporary sobriety and insanity, witnessed the very falling of off white cloud puffs willfully jumping out of the heavens to their fatal doom on the careless and mercyless ground below

and yet you still respond the sky is not falling

maybe not to you, maybe not to the girl with the seductive influence towards only your sister, definately not my history or visual basic teachers, but in the event your sky begins to commit suicide, i'll be your umberella whether you like it or not
nemo hey dont you wanna go down?
like some junkie cosmonaut
a million miles below their feet
a million miles a million miles
silentbob and i want my mommy 020207
carne de metal somebody catch it please. 020207
DanetteTN915 the sky is falling.
history keeps repeating itself in the most fucked up of ways.
at least now I know which one to choose.
Grievance so catch it in paper cup, to stare at days in the futures when there is nothing above our heads but shatterted cracks of what was. 020207
daxle a star landed on my forearm and made me bleed 020207
pushpins I caught a peice of it for you. 020725
.-. the broken pieces shimmer like safety_glass shards on the pavement 020726
phil today 020729
u24 ahh! ahh! the sky is falling! the gods have sought vengeance! we have displeased... hang on... wait. false alarm, guys. the blathpocalypse seems to have been averted. 080613
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