kersten three weeks to make a decision.
I could you know, I could still go.
Britten wish i could have gone, my fiends went, but i did not. 000728
mezz bechet, pass the muggles 001021
ClairE There is an opera house there.

Even though Annie is from Melbourne, I still think of her.
little bug dishes on a rack, sitting in a puddle. 031127
misstree austrailia
what is it like?
what does it taste like?
the people the mindmeat,
the culture and the criticisms?
explain it to an
isolated american
who is desperate to live
anywhere but this corn town.
pretty please?
tchiseen it is wonder
of life.

of work and green and glass and road and beer (oh god yes the beer) but there's more to life than the city in which you live. where do i live? where is my home? take a walk and look around and see things, that's your home, if you make it your home if you accept it to be the word 'home' to you, if its not what you want say im_not_home and you'll be somewhere else. i knew this was my home 3 years ago before i knew what street i was on , or where the monorail went or what the buildings were down town before i knew what the opera house smelled like and WHY i love it so much and before i knew the markets and the bridge and how much an old friend could mean to me
rachel This is a public announcement. If you are reading this, you are whom I mean by the "public." Please stop writing bad poetry.

No, I'll rephrase that for those of you who don't realize how bad your poetry really is.

Lyrics Why_NOT? 050128
PCA _'out_of_the_blue'_... 050128
what's it to you?
who go